Built Environment Photography

You may need:

  • Building interiors and exterior photographs of commercial buildings for manufacturing clients, public buildings for public sector or local authority, education clients, as well as residential buildings and property for housing association clients.
  • Panoramic photography to show scale of facility and production
  • Close up photographs of detail or building and architecture
  • Photography of the relationship between the built environment and human activity, otherwise defined as the humanitarian-made-space in which people live, work, recreate on a day to day basis
  • Creative photography of architectural form
  • The story of your built environment.

The built environment and how it interacts with people are all part of your way of showcasing your architecture. I undertake commissions to photograph buildings for a variety of commercial, public sector and education clients, helping them to celebrate their completed architectural projects.

Being an experienced and skilled at photographer, I create a set of creative images which bring the essence of the building and it’s human use to life using a variety of photographic techniques in both daylight and night time.


Built Environment Photography Clients
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