Plant + Machinery

I specialise in:

  • Close up/macro photography of machinery
  • Architectural photography of industrial buildings, both inside and exterior images
  • Reportage photography of people working within the plant
  • Product photography of merchandise produced from the factory
  • Imagery of production lines and staff working on them

I enjoy going into a production plant and finding out what happens inside and capturing that process with my camera. I am highly skilled at communicating with the manager so I understand the process and can then represent it within a timeline of imagery. This is then really helpful for the marketing department or agency to gain an understanding of the process, so they can then use the imagery to create news stories and blogs.

Photographing ‘a day in the life’ of a factory, or capturing a series of images to chart the journey of a product on the production line is my idea of a perfect photo assignment.

I undertake reportage photography assignments which celebrate UK industry and demonstrate the high standards being achieved in the British manufacturing sector.

Key Plant and Machinery Clients:

  • Eagley Plastics
  • Mansell Finishes
  • Bowman Ingredients
  • Star Refrigeration
  • Wilko
  • Yodel
  • Pressure Tech
  • Delta Neu
  • Fast Labels
  • Water Compliance Solutions
Plant + Machinery Clients
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