A guest blog post from Karina Leacock ~ Colour in photos

Thanks to Karina for guest blogging on my site!!

Colour photogenic

Before the digital age, photos were stored on film, the film was developed at a photo booth and we’d then flick through the photos, looking for half decent photos which we’d be prepared to share and show others.  I’m sure we have all ripped up unflattering photos of ourselves in the past, whereas now we just click the ‘delete’ button.

There are many aspects to achieving a great photo; from the technical to the deeper meaning and emotional response of a moment in time.  Hopefully the photo also captures an image that harmonizes well with the viewer’s own vision of themselves.

Colour harmony

So, what can you do to ensure you look your best in a photo?  Start with wearing colour, though not just any old colour, but colour which harmonises with your skin tone and enhances your natural features.

Colour is such a powerful tool as it:

  • Increases our visual experience
  • Engages the viewer more
  • Enhances brand identity
  • Makes the subject more memorable

Some colours make you look fantastic, whereas others drain the life out of you.  It’s different for all of us.

All colour has a tonal value, which means a colour is either more yellow or blue based (warm or cool). All colour has a contrast value, which means a colour is either softer or clearer.

It’s the same for us. Our skin is made up of many layers, and colour analysis demonstrates how certain shades are capable of flattering or, conversely, unflattering by observing the optical illusions that occur on the face when placing specific colours next to the individual. It is generally agreed that the wrong colours will draw attention to such flaws as wrinkles or uneven skin tone while harmonious colours will enhance the natural beauty of the individual making them appear healthy and fresh-faced.

As you can see from the photos below, in the right colours, these individuals all look more vibrant and healthy.   So mastering colour, isn’t just about capturing you at your best in a photo but is a skill that will help you manage your wardrobe forever.  Saving you money, time and effort.

To find out more about colour analysis and how working with a personal stylist can help you.  Contact Karina Leacock on 07984 809070.





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